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The starting shot was given when Henk was asked to start up a company specialized in work clothing, it soon became apparent that the deliveries and service is not what Henk wants to offer to the customers and therefore starts his own company, it does not stop with work clothing and PPE but after a short time the personalization and advertising comes into play, in order to offer a full service the advertising company comes into the running. After 15 years in the textile and advertising world, a new challenge is not far off. The ideas go to designing products for customers themselves, no personalization of existing products but really own to the company, Products that make the difference with others, Custom made - tailor-made for the customer, something that no one else has and or can obtain. Even for people who want to start their own production line with their own logo, we give your own touch to your product. Haven't you already dreamed of seeing your own product on the shelves? 

                            This is your chance ! 

Our specialty is mainly producing all styles of bags, from backpack to exclusive leather shoulder bag.
Leather items such as waist belts, card holders, wallet etc ... belong to our range.
Also men's underwear, the well-known boxer shorts in your style is no problem at all. 
We work out your project. 
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We can certainly help you further, questions are free.

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Opening houres

Every working day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The best you can reach us via our contact form or e-mail, we will contact you asap.